The Race Club-Introducing Dr. Megan Cannon

Gary Hall Sr,

November 5, 2021

Introducing Dr. Megan Cannon

In order to become a successful athlete, we at The Race Club believe there are five disciplines to master; swimming, strength training, mental training, nutrition and recovery. Each discipline is essential for swimmers to experience long term success. With our newest addition to the team, we are focusing specifically on mental training. 

Sports Psychologist Dr. Megan Cannon joins The Race Club with a wealth of information and experience. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Wilkes University, Dr. Megan headed to Nova Southeastern University and graduated with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. No stranger to the demanding pressure of training and performance, Dr. Megan competed in swimming, softball and dance. 

While at Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Megan worked in the Sport Psychology program within the university’s Sports Medicine Clinic. Dr. Megan gained valuable experience while providing performance coaching and individual therapy to college student athletes. She also delivered speeches and conducted team-building activities with collegiate, high school and youth club teams.

Today, when she isn’t helping Race Club athletes with mental training, Dr. Megan operates a sports psychology company in Pennsylvania and works with athletes and teams from renowned universities. These schools include Bucknell University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Massachusetts, University of Pittsburgh and many more. In addition, Dr. Megan works with athletes who have competed in IronMan Triathlons and the CrossFit Games.She has also traveled across the country delivering keynote speeches at universities, high schools and conferences while also making appearances on ESPN’s SportsCenter as an expert on sports psychology.

Dr. Megan says her goal is to assist athletes and high-performers in achieving strong emotional health and peak performance. We couldn’t be more thrilled she has chosen to join us to help athletes around the world become successful Race Club swimmers.

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