Swimming With Music During Quarantine

So you have a pool, now use it!
We’re all stuck at home during quarantine and itching to stay active. The longer this goes, the more creative swimmers are getting with tethering to a tree with a FINIS dryland cord, or even buying an Endless Pool. FINIS is here to help make these workouts inspired and fun with audio!

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Swim Coach Communicator
Yes, the Swim Coach Communicator was made for coaches to talk to their swimmers during training but that doesn’t mean the Bluetooth® works any differently! Connect your phone to the headset, place your phone near the pool, and you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes instantly!


Duo MP3 Player
The OG underwater music player. So you haven’t committed to streaming music yet? That’s ok! Load up your Duo with your favorite MP3 files from your computer and start experiencing the magic of underwater music. And best of all, no secondary device is needed while you’re swimming. Just press play and go!


Amnis Stream Bluetooth® Headphones
Our latest and greatest music player! The Amnis is designed to take your streaming music wherever you go by connecting to your smartwatch but it’s even easier when you’re stuck in a backyard pool. Just connect your phone or smartwatch to the Amnis via Bluetooth® and bliss out.


Want to see what music Glenn Mills of GoSwim.TV works out to — it will surprise you 😉


Want to train like an Olympic medalist?
Check out Olivia Smoliga’s Pre-Race Playlist:


Check out Anthony Ervin’s playlist:


Check out a few of Lia Neal’s personal playlists:



Want tips on how to create your own endless pool at home? 


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