St. Lucia to Martinique Channel Swim Complete

 Melodee Liegl

September 26, 2022

Hi Everyone!


Just wanted to share the good news that I completed the channel swim from St. Lucia to Martinique on Monday.  It was my hardest swim.  I have videos to share too that show the conditions of swells throughout the entire swim, no flat water.  It took 13 hours and 14 minutes.  I had to get out briefly in the beginning because of a pop-up storm with lightening, but they had me jump back in at the same coordinates (as you can see from the tracker).  The salt water was tough on the mouth (obviously from my after picture with swollen lips).  I got sick during the swim, a first for me (I have a strong stomach and have not puked since high school alcohol days, hehe) – but I felt better after that.  Sue Dyson runs the swim and she set me up with a fantastic crew and we had a beautiful 40 foot catamaran for the swim.  St Lucia is a beautiful island, and all the people are so kind.  Sue confirmed I am the 10th person to complete the channel, whoo hoo!!  This is my version of the English Channel – an English island to a French island, but with warmer water (which I like).  I used the smart goggles (without the ciye) for the entire swim and only had to adjust them once – perfectly clear the entire way and comfortable.


Hmmm….now I have to think about what is next!  But I found a pool (of course) only a mile from the hotel, so guess where I am heading now.


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