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May 6, 2020

Want to improve and dominate your underwaters? Here’s how a monofin can help you power up your swimming.

It’s no secret that swimmers love to train with swim fins in the water. The benefits of using them are obvious: we are able to swim far faster than we ever would otherwise, our legs get a great power workout, and swimming at Mach-10 is simply a heap of fun.

Here’s how this piece of swim gear can give your underwaters a serious boost:

  • The monofin helps you “feel out” the full range of motion in the dolphin kick. This particular type of fin helps you experience the full whip of the dolphin kick. Its surface area has a way to forcing your core and lower back to engage in the kicking motion, which extends the range of the kick.
  • Power work for your dolphin kick. Using one of these bad boys will strengthen your core, lower back, and your legs.
  • Trains better motor patterns. Learning to swim fast means teaching your body how to move through the water at the speeds you want to swim at. Strapping on a Monofin will help you experience those upper tier speeds, and help train the motor patterns necessary (streamlining, bracing your core, snapping the full kick, etc) to get closer to those speeds without the fin on.
  • Improves undulation. Often you will see swimmers dolphin kick from their knees with a very rigid and limited undulation. The dolphin kick should originate from your upper body—not your knees. Training with a Monofin will deepen and enhance the undulation in her butterfly kick.
  • Helps build better rhythm. The first thing you notice when your fly kick gets better is that you can bang them out quickly and with almost rapid-fire precision. This kind of rhythm is built via repetition, but can be sped up by training the rhythm you want to hit when racing. By emphasizing the muscle groups that stabilize and drive the kick you are developing a stronger kicking rhythm.

The FINIS Foil Monofin

The FINIS Foil is the ideal choice for competitive swimmers looking to level up their dolphin kick. The rubber is the same that Zoomers are made of—if you’ve owned a pair you know they are basically indestructible—and the fin is long enough to give you a sense of the full range of your kicking motion.


Happy dolphin kicking!


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