If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Melodee Liegl

November 8, 2022

We have all heard of this saying and it certainly applies to my world of marathon swimming. I live in an area of Wisconsin that has many lakes and I like to think of myself as Sacagawea when I explore and find new areas to swim. My first unofficial marathon swim was in Geneva Lake, Wisconsin in 2008. Since then, I have learned a lot about myself and this sport I love. Any marathon sport is achieved by hard work and dedication. The hours spent training and time
leading up to the swim is where the hard part comes in to play. A new marathon swim comes with trepidation: travelling to a new city, swimming in a new body of water and acclimating to different conditions.
Many choose to take the easy way out rather than to challenge themselves, not just in sports. I see this in the Millennials, including my young adult children. They want things done easily, quickly and desire immediate gratification. They often do not like to be inconvenienced and if there is an easier way to do something, they will do this without hesitation. My youngest likes to complain about all her college schoolwork, but she has grown over the past several years and has found out that she can do the hard work and is proud of her well-deserved grades.

Here are a few pointers why we should get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves:

  •  We may miss out on new experiences because we continue to do things familiar to us. Easy things and
    mundane life activities are not what fulfills you or helps you achieve higher goals.
     New challenges help us grow as a person, both mentally and physically. We can learn that we are strong
    and determined individuals, more than we thought.
  • Baby steps are important to reaching your goals. Start out slowly and build from there. It does not
    happen overnight. You would be amazed at your progress.
  • To accomplish good things, one must devote time and dedication. Without putting in the effort, it is
    difficult to attain your larger goals.


I choose to find challenging swims for myself. The world is 71% water, so my options are endless. I tend to try different swims and make up my own challenges that are not always on everyone’s bucket list. If everyone does the same hard
activity, then the value of the activity is not as challenging anymore.

I challenge you to find a new event or a new activity. Maybe try a new swim event or another sporting event that you never thought was possible. The possibilities are endless. Allow plenty of time to prepare. Once you put in the time and the effort, you have done the hard part. Then it will be time to show your family and friends what you can accomplish with determination.

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