Kendra Walker, Emler Swim School

April 22, 2022

Fins aren’t just for competitive swimmers, learn to swim programs use them, too!

Even the youngest swimmers can benefit from the extra propulsion and buoyancy of a pair of fins. The different vibrant colors for each size make it easy to quickly pick up the pair that fits as swimmers enter the pool room.

Around the Emler pool decks you might hear fins referred to as “swim shoes” as pretend play keeps the little ones engaged. They are easy to slip on with no adjustment needed. They store easily, and don’t collect puddles of water.

Adding them or taking them away for swim turns, even just one at a time, allow an instructor to encourage good technique and body position. Fins are also useful when a student is struggling to keep up with their classmates. And here’s a tip every instructor should know, adding fins to a smaller or less accomplished swimmer can give them just the boost of confidence they need to help them overcome challenges.

Finis Booster Fins and Floating Fins are favorites at Emler Swim Schools.

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