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Are Mermaids Real?

Since the beginning of time people have been fascinated with the magic of water and the mysterious creatures who live in it. From the Sirens in Greek Mythology to Disney’s adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, the iconic image of half human, half fish have captured our imagination.

Whether you’re splashing around in your backyard pool with FINIS’ line of mermaid themed monofins, or wearing a glittery tail at the beach to raise awareness for marine conservation, meet three mermaids on this week’s edition of FINIS Friday and decide for yourself whether mermaids are real!

Mermaid Guests:

Merle Liivand
Estonian National swimmer, Mermaid, Open Water Swimmer, Triathlete, Model, Ambassador, Spokesperson, Entrepreneur and Swimera-Baltics CEO.

Mermaid Courtney
Digital animator, holistic nutrition and health coach, YouTube star, tailmaker and professional mermaid

Abby Roberts

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