FINIS Friday Silver Lining Edition – Show Highlights
Replay Available on FINIS Youtube Channel

Introduction from host Quinn Fitzgerald

  • The world has changed, but we still get up each morning and do the things we can do. As we settle into new routines, how do we find a silver lining in the new world order?

Message from FINIS Founder John Mix

  • I hope this brings us all closer together and we should be grateful for what we do have and what’s truly important

Inspirational Guest: Aaron Peirsol, 5 time Olympic gold medalist

  • Featured Quote: “What is sport if not a way to throw you into situations you don’t expect.”
  • It’s a good time for swimmers to do the things we wouldn’t be able to otherwise — to learn and grow and explore other interests– then to come back refreshed and with a greater appreciation for each other and the joy of the water
  • Being disqualified for 45 minutes after winning Olympic gold in the 200 backstroke led to a profound realization that he didn’t have control over everything — he could only control the path leading up to that moment and wouldn’t change a thing even if he had been DQd

Innovation Spotlight — Kannan Doriaraj, Founder of LaneVision

  • A swim dad turned his curiosity for his son’s sport into a breakthrough video analytics app
  • Worked with Natalie Caughlin, 12 time Olympic Medalist & Team FINIS to develop the app which launched this week
  • Using the velocity feature of the app, he found the exact point in his son’s backstroke, where he stopped moving and almost immediately dropped 3 seconds in the 50 back.
  • Cody Miller previewed the app and showed how you can upload videos now (link in show notes)

Contest Winner — What’s your silver lining?
Congratulations to Nicholas Gaggiano, who offered these words:

  • “I am finding some different ways to cope with the lack of pool time like yoga, meditation and dry land workouts. I am also taking the time to really explore myself and the ways in which I react to things that are out of my control.”

Silver Lining Edition Show Notes

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Friday, April 4, 2020
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